Individual Investor Programme (IIP)

The Individual Investor Programme, better known as the IIP, is a new citizenship by investment programme which the Government of Malta is launching to attract foreign investors to benefit from a citizenship in Malta and the European Union whilst contributing to the local Maltese economy.

Chapter 188 of the Laws of Malta – the Maltese Citizenship Act, has been duly amended so that persons who have undergone a due diligence test and whose reputation has been found to be impeccable may apply to be naturalised and receive a Maltese Passport as long as they can contribute to a National Development Fund.  Such contribution will eventually be utilised in the national interest.

Applicants for the IIP must be represented by Authorised Mandatories and the contribution that Investors who wish to enrol in this programme will be required to pay has been indicated to be that of €650,000.  Spouses and children of applicants will be required to contribute €25,000 each.  Unmarried children between the age of 18 and 25 and dependent parents of applicants may also be granted Maltese citizenship by paying a contribution of €50,000 each.

Dr Michael Grech and Dr Shaheryar Ghaznavi, partners of Grech & Ghaznavi Advocates, are both Authorised Registered Mandatories, duly authorised and regulated by the Government of Malta to handle and submit applications for residence permits under the Global Residence Programme which Programme is intended to run parallel to said Individual Investor Programme.  Both Dr Ghaznavi and Dr Grech will be happy to give legal advice and assist investors who wish to apply for the Individual Investor Programme.

Readers are requested to note that there are still ongoing discussions regarding the IIP on a national and European level and therefore the above details are only indicative and subject to change.